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August is Women’s Month But More Women in Executive Roles Are Needed

Last year this Newsletter bemoaned the fact that of all foreign direct investment in Africa, only 1% went to companies owned by women. Ventureburn has just published an article that shows that there were just 4 female CEOs among the top 40 JSE-listed companies in 2021. Moreover, only 5% of all listed companies in SA have a female CEO. And the gender pay gap is bigger at listed companies than in unlisted. Women were the most severely affected by the COVID lockdown in SA: of the 3m South Africans who lost their jobs as a result of the lockdown, 2m were women.

Readers will recall that last year the Newsletter reported on a study done on social commerce in 8 African countries, including SA, which showed that the majority of social commerce e-shops were run by women and young people. That study also showed that these were the best able to adapt to changes.  A study by the Boston Consulting Group estimates that the global economy would grow somewhere between 3-6% if women participated equally as entrepreneurs. Additionally, there is research that suggests that a focus on gender in investment decisions is likely to make companies more competitive and to improve human capita.


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