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Build an online store you can be proud of

You want to be more independent, don’t you? If you’ve been living the same life for the last few years and you’re fed up with the lack of new experiences or even challenges... anything that would get you excited for each new day, I’m here to tell you that unless you have a plan to take control of your situation then you’re going to continue feeling trapped and you’re unlikely to experience any changes at all.

Thousands of other South Africans who also wanted to bring change in their lives have started to dabble in online selling by simply setting up a site in their spare time and then seeing how they can gain traction to start getting their first few orders.

They can do this because the tools to create a simple online store are getting easier and easier every day. And yes, even if you don’t have any prior experience or if you’re BC (Before Computers) then you could follow the same easy steps that they did.

And you’d have to ask yourself, what would be possible for you in 12 months from now if you just started to dabble today and then, with a bit of experience, you figured out how to build your side project into a fully fledged online store?

What possibilities would that open up for you?

To learn how you can build your own online store in 5 days in just 30 minutes per day, simply click the link below to register for this 5 Day Challenge right now:  (

EFA Ecommerce basic curriculum - Module overview

EFA strongly recommends that the following 40 issues should be present in any academic or training course on “ecommerce” in order for that course to provide students with a true picture of selling online.

Glossary of Ecommerce terminology