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For up to date information about Coronavirus, please visit

EFSA - Protecting your rights as an ecommerce business and expressing your needs to the relevant government departments and opinion formers

What the Ecommerce Forum South Africa is doing during the COVID-19 emergency?

We've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help Ecommerce growth during the pandemic.

COVID – Keeping ecommerce safe for all.

Please ensure that your delivery services practice social distancing when they take delivery and when they deliver.

That they wear masks.

That they sanitize the parcel and the pen if a signature is required of the consumer.

That you use electronic payments as much as possible.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems. We have been asked for feed-back by government.

Thank you – and keep safe and sanitized!

What the Ecommerce Forum South Africa is saying about POPIA

Fireside Chats on POPIA Part 1

Fireside Chats on POPIA Part 2

Fireside Chats on POPIA Part 3

Fireside Chats on POPIA Part 4

Listen to the Chair of EFSA’s Legal and Regulatory Committee, Rieka van Wyk, on privacy, the POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) and preparing for full implementation of the Act.

EFSA recommends the following law firms which specialize in ecommerce:

  • Legalese

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Who is Ecommerce Forum South Africa

The Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA) was created by major Ecommerce players in November 2016, with the mission to increase awareness, confidence and capability of the ecommerce (online selling) sector in South Africa. The EFSA is the forum for all players in the Ecommerce industry — working cohesively with each other to enrich the overall ecommerce industry in South Africa.

How do I join the Ecommerce Forum South Africa

Membership is open to all stakeholders in the African eCommerce industry, including e-tailers and service providers. To encourage a collaborative environment, members joining the Ecommerce Forum South Africa are asked to contribute based on the size of their business. All members will have access to the same resources and benefits (Training, Research, Representation, Forum & Networking).

Africa Tech Week

EFSA will be supporting Africa Tech Week. For more information please see the Press release