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EFA has seven Working Parties which members are welcome, and encouraged, to join.

These are:-

  • Trust – the key objective of EFA is to improve trust in ecommerce. We are preparing a Trustmark for ecommerce sites based on the highly successful European model;
  • Research – we are preparing through UCT an inventory of the research which exists; looking at definitions of ecommerce, and considering what research is necessary;
  • Education – EFA is preparing a curriculum for ecommerce training; a Workshop to introduce ecommerce for start-up & SMME companies;
  • Payments – We are discussing with the Payments Association of SA (PASA) how best to guarantee security for online sales;
  • Legal – we are preparing in cooperation with the IABSA a ‘Legal Fact Pack’ covering 8 African countries. The Legal WP also is responsible for our representation activities;
  • Africa – Reaching out to colleagues in other countries who run ecommerce companies. We all have a lot to learn from each other;
  • Marketing – the WP which looks at how EFA can recruit new members and retain existing members.

EFA meets SADICO on training possibilities

The Co-Chair of EFA, Dylan Piatti and I met the South African Digital Content Organization (SADICO) on 16 May to discuss possible collaboration in training SMMEs and start-ups from the townships. SADICO, which launched in 2010, provides assistance and mentors to the township youth in Gauteng who want to enter the ICT sector. The details of how this collaboration will operate is being worked out. For more information please email me ( In our training module we will be promoting our members.

Action Points Arising From the First Meetings of the EFA Working Parties, Dec 2015.


  • Webinar on the European Trustmark to be arranged in Jan/Feb;
  • Positive PR coordination. Getting members to agree a programme of positive messages to support ecommerce;
  • Establish an EFA logo & brand;
  • Payment – contact banks & payment gateways to discuss online payment security systems which are secure, but user friendly to etailers & their customers;
  • Delivery – set up a sub-group to deal with delivery issues.




  • Establish contacts with educational institutions interested in ecommerce education/training;
  • Agree a basic curriculum for ecommerce studies;
  • Cooperate with CPUT on its postgrad course on etailing;
  • Set up an event on education & training;
  • Meet & gain W&R SETA’s support.


  • Collect commonly agreed definitions, and identify best practices in collaboration with IABSA, IORMA, etc;
  • Identify what research already exists, draw up a list;
  • Meet with Google & Nielsen;
  • Identify gaps;
  • Set up an event.


  • Objective – to build a bridge between participating countries to ensure exchange of information; experiences in research, education, trust issues & legal structures.
  • Actions – with the Legal WP report on regulations relevant to ecommerce across the continent;
  • Prepare FAQs country by country on ecommerce in Africa, to cover import duties, taxes, use of agents, return of goods, legal, etc;
  • Approach educational institutions in other countries;
  • Set up an event in first 6 months of 2016 on ecommerce in Africa.


  • Comments on the EFA submissions to the Davis Commission encouraged;
  • Comment on the Davis Commission’s next Interim Report, expected Feb 2016;
  • The Director, if possible, to attend Parliament’s hearing on POPI in the autumn;
  • Delegation to meet Adv Neville Melville, Ombus of the Consumer Goods Complaints system to discuss cooperation;
  • Produce a FAQ on consumer protection rules for ecommerce in SA;
  • Produce with the Africa & Ecommerce WP a country by country report on ecommerce regulations in Africa
  • Identify law firms to work with on a pro bono basis.

All WPs to:-

  • Appoint a chair & vice-chair;
  • Appoint “WP ambassadors” from among the members to ensure cooperation between the WPs & avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’;
  • Help recruit new members.

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