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How to address disgruntled customers

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General Notice for the 2018 Festive Season

Every year during the festive season there is a significant increase in the number of transactions processed through the payments system. Considering the great number of role-players involved when processing a transaction, it could occur that a card transaction is unsuccessful due to a number of potential system challenges. As we understand this could cause…

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Launch of the Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFSA)

Major players in ecommerce launched the new Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFSA) on 12 November in Johannesburg and 13 November in Cape Town. The mission of the EFSA is to drive sustainable, profitable and reputable growth of the ecommerce business in Africa. Mr Nic Robertson, Chairman of the EFSA and Head of Strategy and New Business…

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How 3D secure is affecting SA online stores

Despite showing significant growth in 2014 and into 2015, the South African e-commerce market has hit another hurdle threatening its progress. The onset of compulsory 3D Secure implementation on March 1, 2015, for all online stores meant that the CVV number would no longer be sufficient for making secure online purchases. This was largely driven…

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