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The Safety of Artificial Intelligence

The UK hosted a major meeting on AI safety on 1-2 November at Bletchley Park, entitled the “AI Safety Summit”. Most of the key global players attended – the UN, China, the USA (represented by the Vice President), the EU, India, Brazil. In total 28 countries participated – Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda represented Africa Ahead of the meeting, the G7 powers agreed to a non-binding “code of conduct” for companies developing the most advanced AI systems. There are clear differences of approach – the US plan for a stakeholder approach to identify forms of AI which could endanger humanity. The EU, on the other hand, always reaches for the law and is preparing regulation.

The major AI companies were also present. Elon Musk, who has just launched a new AI-powered Chatbot, Grok, voiced his concern that AI would create machines that could out-work and out-think humans.

All parties signed up to the Bletchley Declaration which promises continual and open debate. This is a major step forward, and follow up meetings are already being planned in South Korea and in France for 2024. Bletchley Declaration can be found here:

Meanwhile Google has just unveiled an AI application which will provide an accurate 10 day weather forecast, and a start up in Nigeria, Guideli, has been created as a settlement management tool that provides tailored relocation resources and simplifies the convoluted visa processes. Guideli leverages AI to empower immigrants and guide them every step of the process of applying for visas. Also see the CB Insights guide – Generative AI Bible

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