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WIPO and WTO Course on Intellectual Property

The course is designed to improve the capacity of policymakers to develop national expertise in international IP law and policy issues. The focus will be on topical developments and policy issues under discussion at WIPO and the WTO. Participants will have an opportunity to engage with experts on a wide range of IP issues, including fast-evolving topics such as IP, trade and public health; IP and artificial intelligence/digital transformations; and IP and business, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Who should apply? This course is aimed at senior government officials involved in IP law and policymaking. Candidates must be responsible for IP and related policy issues in their country, demonstrate knowledge or professional experience in the field of IP, possess well rounded experience in IP law, policy and practice, and be proficient in English.

Deadline: 3 February 2023. Detailed information regarding the application process is available here.

IT News’s Online Retail Conference, 26 January, Johannesburg

Join us there –  – ).

Air Cargo Africa conference, 21-23 Feb, Johannesburg

There’s a session on ecommerce with EFA on  “Logistics for eCommerce in Africa – building fast, reliable and sustainable solutions” – do join us. For information:  or to register –

CB Insights report on Ecommerce

The eventual shape of the metaverse is far from certain, but underlying trends in how consumers value their digital identities and spend money online are already creating far-reaching opportunities and challenges. CB Insights report looks at the new Metaverse technologies — and how they’re changing shopping — in its report on the future of e-commerce.

Retail-X’s Middle East Ecommerce Report 2022

This report includes an in depth regional profile including Ease of Doing Business, E-Government Development Index, 2IPD, Internet Inclusive Index and the Happiness Index; the political, economic and social differences between the featured countries and the impact on retail; and customer preferences when shopping online,  the report  examines countries side-by-side shedding more light on the differences and similarities in consumer behaviour across the region. Download your free copy

Retail-X Benelux Commerce Study

Download the Benelux 2022 Ecommerce Region Report, an in-depth analysis of arguably one of Europe’s most significant markets because of the large retailers and market as well as the political and economic cooperation between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Download your free copy

UNCTAD’s eTrade Readiness Assessment for Kenya is available

UNCTAD has been publishing national ecommerce readiness assessments for some time, now renamed “eTrade”, the latest is on Kenya The final report on the 2022 UNCTAD eWeek is also available:  eWeek-2022-Outcome-Report-FINAL-1.pdf

AU’s Data Policy Framework

For all interested in data privacy. Sorry, we didn’t put this up earlier – 42078-doc-AU-DATA-POLICY-FRAMEWORK-ENG1.pdf


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