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SA’s eCommerce Hit With Treble Whammy

If load shedding was not enough to dampen trade in general, and eCommerce in particular, the shortages of aviation fuel saw much air cargo freight marooned on airport tarmac as airlines cut flights and preferred to carry extra passengers and extra fuel rather than air cargo. Now the strike at the ports and customs posts has reduced imports and exports. EFSA has written to government to point out these serious challenges.  However, we have to recognise that it is not all bad news – after 2 years of port congestions and container shortages across the globe, disruptions are now easing as Chinese exports slow in light of waning demand from Western economies and softer global economic conditions. Container freight rates, which soared to record prices at the height of COVID, have been falling rapidly and container shipments on routes between Asia and the U.S. have also plunged, providing more opportunities for shipments to Africa, which had been particularly hit by the global supply chain disruptions and high prices from 2020 to mid 2022.


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