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Lastly, The Latest Victim of Theft

Wigs and hair extensions imports are increasingly becoming prone to cargo theft and hijackings once they reach SA, and are becoming one of the most insured goods likely to be stolen. The SA illicit trade market is primarily to blame for the increasing theft of wigs and hair extensions. Globally, the hair extension market is valued at around R41bn and is expected to grow to R59bn by 2028, at a rate of 5.3%, according to research by Fortune Business. It said a growing fashion sense and aspiration for luxury by SA consumers, and others in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are mainly fueling the hair extension markets of the Middle East and some African regions. Over the past 4 years, SA’s imports for hair extensions jumped 64%, with the country’s annual imports for hair products in general reaching around R1.1bn. The thefts commonly occur at the ports, when the goods get offloaded after arrival, or in transit to their final destinations in hijacking incidents.


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