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Warning to SA Office Owners – New Deadline to Show Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Come 7 December 2022, a substantial proportion of SA’s non-residential (i.e. office) buildings, including warehousing, will be required to submit and display an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The requirement, which was gazetted in December 2020, is aimed at making buildings in SA more energy efficient. The new rules also aim to reduce strain on the national electrical grid and also to help the country meet its emissions commitments in the future.

Meanwhile, if you have noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult to access the internet during load shedding, this is because mobile transition towers need roughly 12 hours to recharge their batteries, thus load shedding is making it more difficult for them to keep up with connectivity. Above stage 2, it becomes difficult for mobile networks to manage as their battery backups and emergency reserves are relied on further. Large-scale network providers like MTN have been burning 400,000 litres of fuel just to keep their towers running and ensure they have time to charge emergency backups. Expect those costs to be passed on to customers.


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