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Africa Connect

EFSA took part in the Africa Connect conference on 29 September, talking about trust and cooperation with the telecoms. The session can be followed here:

The Conference also had a session with Nitesh Singh (Managing Director for Communications, Media & Technology Lead Africa (CMT) at Accenture South Africa), who pointed out that digital transformation is an exciting field to be in as more companies build a digital footprint or touchpoints with their customers, and software development is being used to solve the world’s problems.  Digital marketplaces will disrupt major industries over the coming years, which is why he is passionate about turning digital investments into financial and business outcomes for his clients.  He emphasizes that to be high-performing companies, they need to transform. Over the last 20 years, Nitesh has become an authority on driving digital transformation at large telco and media businesses across the African continent, including Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, and Zambia, among others, with specialist skills in contracting and governance processes associated with complex projects.

His open mindset, entrepreneurial skills, agile thinking, and global transformation capabilities led Nitesh to join Accenture in the latter part of 2005, where he could be at the cutting edge of digital transformation and be accountable for the delivery of large-scale revenue generation, cost containment, and right-sizing, enabling top and bottom-line growth for captains of industry across the continent.  Nitesh holds firm that moving to digital is essential to remaining relevant, whether you are a small mom-and-pop shop or a large organisation. His role at Accenture includes sharing industry trends with clients and partnering with them on developing their growth agenda and where they should focus their energy.

This includes providing advice on the impact of the coming 4IR, disruptive business models, and the need to rotate the business to the “new” – cloud, digital, next-generation e-commerce, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. An important leadership skill that helps Nitesh with this integration is his ability to traverse quickly between what his clients need and relating what the North Star looks like to his internal team. Mr. Singh’s major achievements include leading an assessment across 23 African operations, focused on process and technology effectiveness (2019-2020); and becoming the first Master Technological Architect in Accenture’s African practice, making him a member of an elite team of global executives that hold this qualification within the global practice.


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