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Also in Nigeria, a New Code for Social Media

Readers will recall that Twitter was banned in Nigeria in 2021 for 9 months due to a spate with the President. Now Twitter Facebook and Tiktok will be required to register and open offices in Nigeria and appoint contact persons with the government. This regulation forms part of the new draft regulations from the National information technology development agency published in June.  In a published statement on their website, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) says the new code of practice for “interactive computer service platforms/internet intermediaries” is meant to curb online abuse, including disinformation and misinformation. According to the code, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and others must “provide information to authorities on harmful accounts, suspected botnets, troll groups, and other coordinated disinformation networks and deleting any information that violates Nigerian law within an agreed time.”



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