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EFSA Cross Border Ecommerce Conference, 16-17 November

We will be discussing the new SARS initiative at this TCI conference in November, as well as logistics, payments, and how to market. Just to put some context behind the decision to hold the event – apart from the growing importance of the AfCFTA,  cross-border ecommerce in goods—the fulfillment and parcel dispatch of an order taking place in a country different from the customer’s final delivery destination—will expand to around $1tn globally in merchandise value by 2030, from its current value of approximately $300bn according to a recent study by McKinsey. If ecommerce penetration of the total world retail market approaches China’s ecommerce share of retail (more than 30%), McKinsey estimates that the cross-border share of ecommerce would be close to 20% of retail trade, and the overall cross-border ecommerce market could total $2tn in merchandise value. McKinsey believes that this will also cause cross-border supply chains to change significantly. More details are available from


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