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African University Students Not Welcomed

I need to admit a personal interest in this next report because my youngest is just finishing her Hons at Stellenbosch in psychology. She’s one of 3 black students on her course and we’re immensely proud of her! That being said, it was disturbing to learn that the UK will not offer students from African universities opportunities to study under their new work visa system. This system provides work visas to graduates from the world’s “best universities” in an expansion of its post-Brexit immigration system that is designed to attract the “best and brightest”. Under the scheme, graduates with a BA or MA from the top 50 foreign universities can apply for a 2-year work visa. Those who receive doctorates can apply for a 3-year visa. The most recent list of eligible universities published online by the UK government comprises more than 2 dozen US universities, as well as institutions from Canada, Japan, Germany, China, Singapore, France, and Sweden. The decision to exclude graduates from African universities may say a lot about the post-Brexit UK today – and it is very regrettable.



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