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Join EFSA at the SAITEX Exhibition and Conference on 19-21 June 2022

EFSA will have a session on the 21 June at SAITEX. We’ll also have a stand – join us then!


World Customs Organisation Academy Offers e-learning Courses

The WCO is offering courses on customs procedures:


UNAOC Fellowships 2022

Calling young leaders from Europe, North America, Middle East, and North Africa: Interested in #intercultural exchanges and first-hand exposure to #cultural #diversity? Apply to the @UNAOC Fellowship here:


Funding offered by USAid Digital Invest Programme

Digital Invest is a blended finance programme that seeks to mobilize private capital for digital connectivity infrastructure and digital financial services that strengthen open, interoperable, reliable, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems in emerging markets. Digital Invest supports global investment fund managers seeking to accelerate sustainable market growth


Ecommerce World Review

RetailX’s exclusive festival of research: Ecommerce World Review will be returning to your screens between 5th – 6th of July 2022, cvering  ecommerce trends across the globe with researchers and industry guests as they present 11 FREE webinars over 2 days. Powered by a kaleidoscope of research, including data analysis and RetailX case studies – industry experts will share everything you need to know to stay ahead of competitors for the rest of the year.


MarketingMix: 2022 SA Township Marketing Research
Learn about the data and experiences from the experts. This webinar will be held on Wed, 22 June 2022. Click to register


ConnectAmerica SME Virtual Trade Academy

Are you free on the 7th of June? Get ready for the ‘SME Virtual Trade Academy’. This will be an exciting series of free training courses aimed at SMEs across the hemisphere. Top leaders in the industry will be speaking and sharing their experiences.


Toolkit on Paperless Trade

The WTO and ICC have recently published the first-ever toolkit to help companies and government agencies adopt available standards to accelerate the digitalisation of trade processes. Trading across borders is a notoriously complex process and highly dependent on paper documents, with fewer than 1 percent of trade documents fully digitized.

In this context, the Standards Toolkit for Cross-border Paperless Trade provides the international trade community with the most widely used standards in trade digitalization for unlocking the benefits of cross-border paperless trade. READ THE TOOLKIT 


CBInsights: The Future of E-Commerce: How AI advisors, crypto wallets, and the metaverse will enable shopping in 2030

Ecommerce promises simplicity and speed. This, alongside pandemic-induced shifts to online shopping, has accelerated ecommerce growth over the last few years. Globally, retail ecommerce sales are set to grow at a 10% CAGR to top $7tn in 2025, according to CB Insights’ analyst consensus.


RetailX Annual 2022  UK Ecommerce Report

The 2022 UK Ecommerce Country Report provides a practical guide to those already selling in the UK, a long-time leader of European ecommerce, and to those who are considering entering or expanding within it. Download your free copy


RetailX – The Germany 2022 Ecommerce Country report

This looks in-depth at the current state of ecommerce in Germany, including peak trading trends, delivery and returns preferences and the largest 100 retailers Download the report


Afreximbank Report – Africa’s 2022 Growth Prospects: Poise under Post-Pandemic and Heightening Geopolitical Pressures

In a major and synchronised reversal, growth bounced back in 2021 in one of the strongest post-recession recoveries in decades. Download the report


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