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EFSA and the EAG Hosted a Session on B2B Ecommerce in Africa at the UNCTAD Ecommerce Week

EFSA co-hosted a Session with our colleagues from Ghana – The Ecommerce Association of Ghana (EAG) – on B2B Ecommerce. This discussed the urgent need for better training of skills in B2B, particularly with the African Free Trade area looming on the horizon. Speakers agreed that although B2B shares most of the elements of B2C, there are differences, particularly in the various levels of trust that must be established between buyer and seller. Traditionally business deals on the continent have been concluded face to face. Although COVID has changed that, many businesses still expect to meet their suppliers. Blockchain verification systems should provide a solution. One panelist was Craig Chamberlain, co-founder of Madeinafrica, a startup B2B platform based in SA. The UNCTAD Twitter report on that Session is:


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