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Malware – A WhatsApp Function Has Been Infested

The 16.80.0 version of FMWhatsApp has been found by the leading cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, to contain the Triada Trojan in one of its ad libraries. FMWhatsApp is an unofficial modification of the WhatsApp messaging app, which is available to download from several websites and offers extra features on top of the original app. The trojan malware collects data about the host-mobile device and its user and downloads other trojan malware to the device. These introduce ads on the device and issue paid subscriptions to its owner.

For example, Triada downloads the MobOK Trojan which opens a subscription page in an invisible window on the app. It then clicks the ‘Subscribe’ button without the user’s knowledge. The malware can also log in to the user’s WhatsApp account by intercepting the verification SMS that confirms the login. This makes the user vulnerable to other attacks, such as theft of their contacts’ data or mobile banking data and can lead to their device being used to send spam.

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