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Electronic IDs – New Proposal from BankServ Africa

SA’s BankServ is developing a new electronic ID (eID) system which is intended to provide South Africans with an independent, secure system. Secure electronic eIDs can make digital transactions, both in-person and online, more efficient, secure, and convenient. EFSA is in touch with BankServ on their initiative which would assist ecommerce among other sectors and help tackle the serious problem of residents without identification (and of ID theft). BankServ looked particularly at Estonia in Europe and India to help model their proposal. EFSA is keen to see that BankServ’s model is interoperable with other African countries’ plans.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has set a goal of ensuring that at least 80% of Europeans have eIDs by 2030, but existing efforts by many member states have been slow. To accelerate adoption and increase interoperability, the EC has proposed a new regulation to establish a common framework for eIDs and related digital identity services across the EU, expanding and refining the existing eIDAS regulation.


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