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UNCTAD’s COVID-19 and Ecommerce: A Global Review

A group of eTrade for all partners joined forces to assess how the impact of the pandemic was playing out in various regions of the world. They looked at which policy responses had been taken, what barriers and challenges countries were facing,  and  what could be done better to enhance global support to those countries that are the least equipped to manage digital transformation for dealing with the pandemic and beyond. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT

UNCTAD has also launched a new e-learning platform for national trade facilitation committees (NTFCs), assist building their capacity to keep trade flowing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RetailX Report on Fast Fashion

The Ecommerce Foundation’s RetailX has published a report on the current state of fast fashion and where it could be headed

New UNCTAD Report on ecommerce in Cote d’Ivoire

UNCTAD’s eTrade readiness assessment of Côte d’Ivoire, published on 8 April, aims to assist the country’s ecommerce businesses better to adapt to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and comply with new regulations. Also see UNCTAD’s e-Trade Readiness Assessment for Zambia.

The Debate about Data Sovereignty is Important for Africa

new Report “We Need to Talk About Data: Framing the Debate Around the Free Flow of Data and Data Sovereignty” released by the multistakeholder organization, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network (I&JPN) highlights the need for a more nuanced debate on “Data Sovereignty” and  the “Free Flow of Data”.

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Shahrain Coovadia

Shahrain Coovadia is a Cyber Security Consultant at Deloitte, South Africa. Prior to joining Deloitte she started a web-design studio, and worked at the University of Cape Town as a teaching facilitator. Shahrain graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours specialising in Information Systems. She currently facilitates web & database management for Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA).

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