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Black Friday 2019

This year’s Black Friday is 6 days nearer to 25 December than normal, giving sellers a challenge when looking at their sales over the end of year Festive Season. Many sellers in South Africa appear to be planning a much longer sales period, starting in the week of Black Friday and stretching over to the following week (including Cyber Monday). This Newsletter will carry a report on Black Friday 2019 in our December edition. Meanwhile, here are some thoughts on the effects of ecommerce sales in the USA from Black Friday.

The USA has been extending the Black Friday sales over a longer period. This year ecommerce sales are forecast to reach US$143.7bn over the whole holiday period (from Thanksgiving to the New Year) and will result in ecommerce accounting for 20% of holiday spend. Sales of tech products (including Cyber Monday) is also expected to grow – to US$29bn. The figures show a remarkable growth over time – in 2016 Black Friday saw ecommerce sales turnover of $4.3bn, the Saturday $2.2bn; the Sunday $2.5bn, Cyber Monday $5.7Bn. In 2017 the turnover for those four days was – $5.0bn; $2.4bn; $2.7bn; $6.6bn. In 2018 the results were $6.2bn; $3.1bn; $3.4bn; $7.9bn each day. The Estimate for the 4 days this year is – $7.4bn; $3.6bn; $4.0bn; $9.4Bn.

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