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Chwayita Ngiwa Twalo |

Recharging Africa!

Recharging Africa!

In this post, I chat to the dynamic Chwayita Nqiwa-Twalo

You are a business woman with a diverse portfolio of interests in Marketing, Tech Hardware and Construction. Can you share your journey with us?

I always knew one thing, that I was born with a purpose, and all I am doing is taking the steps to implement my life’s purpose. I have also always known that my interests are multifaceted and change according to my passion at any particular point. Overall education has been a key driver to ensure that with all my interests I have a solid educational foundation. Being an entrepreneur is a calling I knew I would have to heed, but through conversations with my father Dr Monwabisi Nqiwa, he advised the following:

  • Education is crucial (I have a Masters but he believes I need a PHD).
  • Get work experience, understand how corporate works, be clear on how to handle crisis and sharpen your peer to peer relationships. Repeat and learn until you feel it in your gut that you ready.
  • Lastly then plan and strategize, but most importantly implement to the best of your ability.

Therefore this is the path I took to get me to where I am now.

It is interesting how this path has now led you to occupy the Manufacturing and Services offering space within the mobile recharge industry- tell us more about Recharge Africa and how big is the mobile phone recharging station industry within Africa?

The need to charge ones phone is a very big need. It’s an absolute distress point that needs to be addressed asap. That’s what we are doing, addressing a vital need, building solutions that consumers appreciate. We are excited at the prospect of building something great and look forward to the milestones we will reach in the field of Tech hardware and innovation. As an example when consumers are at a mall, an event or festival there is often no place for them to quickly, efficiently and safely charge their mobile phone. Therefore our main aim as Recharge Africa is to fill that gap. We place Mobile recharge units within key points to ensure that consumers are never left with an empty mobile battery.

What are some of the opportunities available, more so for women, to get into this niche component of technology manufacturing?

I believe that should you see an opportunity that you believe you are incredibly passionate about- go for it – of course just make sure its viable and consumers need it. Ensure you surround yourself with knowledgeable partners to avoid many challenges you face in the process of manufacturing. This is the time whereby you should create opportunities for yourself, as they are far and few in between. Ms Carol Bouwer once said to me ‘be in charge of your destiny’, and honestly that is the truth in all ways and form.

What have been some of your challenges in growing your business and how have you overcome them?

Resilience, perseverance and consistency are key, if those are not your natural traits ensure that you teach yourself these 3 things. Trust me they change the entire game. Perseverance is my motto and also my intention daily. Manufacturing and particularly tech innovation is a challenging game as things change all the time, but more so what can look incredible in a drawing can be structurally not sound when using certain materials. Therefore here comes all the trials and mostly errors. But because you have a goal you don’t give up you continue to strive.

What is next on the horizon for Recharge Africa?

Take over Africa baby, Take over Africa!

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Mpho Sekwele

Mpho Sekwele, a Dartmouth College (USA) Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders Initiative, has over ten years of corporate work experience in the retail industry for Blue Chip retail companies in Africa. Mpho is an alumnus of the University of Cape Town, University of Witwatersrand and holds an Executive MBA from IEDC Bled School of Management (Slovenia). Mpho is passionate about youth and women empowerment; through an eCommerce platform where contemporary African Heritage Clothing and Accessories made by young women in Africa, are sold globally; as well as BantuHikers a wellness, networking and mentorship platform for first generation students.
Chwayita Ngiwa Twalo |

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