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SA’s Copyright and Performers Bills Approach Final Stages, While UNCTAD and the Commonwealth Launch Systems to Help Lesser Developed Countries Deal With IP

These controversial Bills have been passed through the SA Parliament Portfolio Committee on their way to vote in Parliament and then in the upper house. Artists, performers, writers and content providers are greatly concerned that the protection of their works has been watered down and that this will reduce their remuneration from their works. They have consistently pointed out to the legislators that this will lead to fewer SA productions and to artists looking for work in better protected environments. This issue is important for ecommerce and will impact on copyrighted products for sale as well as illustrations for e-shops and web-design. The question is whether the Bill will get through before the elections in May.

A new report by UNCTAD and the Commonwealth sheds light on a range of tools and options to help LDCs create an enabling environment for IP rights and use them strategically to unlock innovation, boost trade, attract investment and promote technological upgrading.

Alastair Tempest

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