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Y Combinator W24

Y Combinator has opened up at least 10 additional spots in the W24 batch for companies that apply now via a special application process – see

FINCA Ventures Prize

Organised by FINCA International, the programme is open to social entrepreneurs with bold visions, disruptive business models, or new products or technologies that can create meaningful impact for poor and low-income people in developing markets. The FINCA Ventures Prize will culminate in an event in Washington DC in March 2024. The event will feature in-person pitch presentations by the finalists to a jury and a celebration of the top winners in the categories of environment and health. Finalists will be awarded grant funding of up to $70,000 to develop their social enterprises.

RetailX’s Report on European Delivery Logistics

Download The DeliveryX Top1000 Europe Report which expands on the RetailX operations value chain sector of the Top1000 report and delves further, starting with the supply chain, logistics, and the delivery experience. It also covers how retailers are minimising returns and deploying data and technology to succeed in what has been another challenging year.

International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics(IFWL), January 2024

IFWL has 50 years history in logistics and almost 30 countries in membership.  The 50th annual conference of IFWL will held in Hongkong, China in January 2024. If you want to know more this is the link

Re-platforming Your Business – RetailX’s New Book

This new e-book explores the challenges faced by retailers are today and what that means for the ecommerce platforms they already operate and how they can evolve that tech to offer what consumers now demand – all without breaking the bank. It is a practical guide for any retailer looking to future proof and grow their business. The link: Download this latest ebook

EC-Council Offering Scholarships on Cybersecurity

EC-Council is committed to preparing cybersecurity professionals and is offering scholarships to make the final cost of this program more accessible for worthy candidates, regardless of their financial situation. Earn a scholarship for this unique, entry-level certification program with practical hands-on labs and live Cyber Range activities

Converge Africa, April 2024

The agenda is packed with keynotes and panels that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Take this opportunity to network with industry leaders and scale your business to ensure its ongoing success. No matter your vertical within the digital business realm, attending Converge Africa (Formerly Ecom Africa) will allow you to immerse yourself in knowledge and gain insights to help you tackle the challenges that 2024 may hold. Register for Converge Africa

RetailX Sustainability Report

Discover how sustainability permeates all areas of retail from the pressures being placed on retailers by legislation and changing customer behaviour, through operations to final mile delivery and new business models. This year’s research highlights the extent to which the RetailX Global Top1000 are sharing their sustainability journeys with customers and how customers are shopping with sustainability in mind. Download the Sustainability 2023 Report for an analysis of the current state and future direction of sustainability among the world’s leading retailers and brands.


Webinar on Electronic signature Thursday, December 14

Organized in partnership with PAA and the Pan Asian PKI Consortium. Join us and discover the latest innovation in electronic signatures. Inscription :

Ghana’s Data Privacy Guide

This guide explores Ghana’s data protection legislation, key data protection provisions, the storage, security and retention of personal data as well as data subject’s rights. It also highlights the notification requirements of data breaches, consequences of privacy breaches among others. Continue reading


RetailX Report the retail environment in the Middle East

This is a region of contrasts and conflict but also cooperation towards a digital future. While the region covers 16 countries, as does the initial analysis by RetailX researchers, this report goes further to look in depth at 6 of them :- Iran, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Download this report .

The RetailX Global Ecommerce Report

This offers a data-led analysis of the worldwide ecommerce and multichannel market. It is aimed both at those already trading in different markets and at those considering expanding into regional markets where the challenge is to compete with established businesses. The Report offers a picture of how ecommerce and multichannel retail are developing around the world. It provides an overview but also zooms in on 6 different regions and 36 countries offering new perspectives on current issues from sustainability and global heating to the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, from logistics and supply chain issues to changing patterns of consumer spending at a time of high inflation. Download this comprehensive report

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