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The EU Proposes Regulation to Keep Artificial Intelligence Within Control

Last month we reported on the bilateral Bletchley Park meeting on AI. We noted that the EU wanted to introduce a regulatory framework, and so it has happened. European policymakers have agreed a deal on how to regulate AI in the region. EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for pushing through the deal, stated that the finalised AI Act will make Europe “the best place in the world to do AI.” The proposals include:  the imposition of requirements for companies working on generative AI (with some exceptions). A list of prohibited and high-risk usages of AI which will be subject to stringent rules. The creation of “sandboxes” where AI can be tested in real-life conditions.

However, European SMEs have already expressed their doubts that the bouquet of proposals will stimulate start-ups in the EU. Some associations and media have gone so far as to accuse the EU of stifling innovation. The EU’s proposals will now be drafted as regulations and sent to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers for discussion. EFA has asked our European colleagues for their views.

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Alastair Tempest

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