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EFA Co-hosts a Session on Data Transfers in Africa at the UNCTAD e-Week

Tendi Hlatshwayo, EFSA Board member and Chair of the Legal Committee, participated in ‘the E-Commerce Legal and Regulatory Framework for Data Governance in Developing Countries’ session, which was co-hosted by the United Force for Development. Crimson Logic Pte Ltd, UN/CEFACT, The Noble Institution for Environmental Peace, the Nigerian Customs Service and EFA. The session explored how data which is essential for ecommerce trade to thrive, raises a number of key issues, such as: – who should have access to what data? What amount of data would be considered appropriate to request/share? What are the legal frameworks in place to guide the request for data by regulatory bodies? Which party will be responsible for data security and privacy? etc. This session encouraged relevant regulatory agencies to understand the clear rules on how data must be collected, managed, stored and used and also share experiences on the idea of developing and adopting a harmonized data governance framework at the national and regional levels.

Elsewhere the event highlighted digitalization’s potential to accelerate climate action but also its environmental costs. Data-driven technologies like the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance climate change monitoring, optimize energy use and production processes, and promote low-emissions technology adoption. But the digital transformation leaves its mark on the planet through raw material depletion, energy and water use, pollution and waste.

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Alastair Tempest

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