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Skills Module for Ecommerce Almost Ready

As we have reported previously, EFSA has been actively engaged in preparing as skills module for Services SETA at level 6 (equivalent to second year at University). The module is based on E-Commerce in South Africa, the text book edited by Prof. Adheesh Budree and published earlier this year by Juta in both hard cover or as an e-book ( The Services SETA working group, moderated by Dr Ahmed Vawda, consists of 4 EFSA Board members – Prof Budree, Tinashe Guramatunhu, Wale Adejumo and myself – plus two outside experts. The curriculum which has been put together is a very extensive ‘tour de force’ of how to run and operate an ecommerce business. The audience is likely to be well established ecommerce entrepreneurs and experts from large companies. The module will next go to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for approval.

This is the first step – EFSA recognises that the lack of training is at the entry level and therefore has proposed to Services SETA that a Level 4 course be designed. Services SETA is no new comer to ecommerce-related training. It has just released a course on digital marketing, which is before the SAQA. And there are a number of other qualifications from Services SETA and other SETAs (such as Wholesale and Retail or ICT) which have sections related to ecommerce. It is important that these inter-relate smoothly and do not contradict each other which would confuse learners.

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Alastair Tempest

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