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UNCTAD Continues to Encourage its Member States to Measure Ecommerce

One area in which there is very limited information available concerns the monetary value of ecommerce transactions. As readers will know, this is one of this EFA’s and EFSA’s major concerns. Measuring ecommerce’s economic value  has become increasingly important, not least as a result of the growth of the sector during COVID, when the shift to online purchases supported economic resilience. We therefore fully support better (no read that as any comparable) statistics on the value of ecommerce in order to understand its economic role and contributions to GDP,  employment and development, as well as for evidence-based policymaking, and to encourage investment. UNCTAD started to ask its member states to collect comparable data in 2018, the UNCTAD WP which is responsible has recently said that developing guidance and support on measuring ecommerce is a key priority. Amen we say to that!

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Alastair Tempest

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