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Business Views on 5G Sought in SA

A study is being carried out by the Dept of Communications and Digital Technology for ICASA (the telecoms regulator) on the government’s policy to encourage 5G (a proposal of the President’s 4IR Commission). At present, it is estimated that 56.3% of the SA population can access the internet, mainly via mobile phones. The DCDT Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, has recently committed to increase coverage to 80% by 2024. The question is whether pushing the introduction of 5G will assist in closing the ‘digital divide’. The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (SMSA) which produces the best data on the impact of mobile phones forecast that globally G5 will only be taken up by 5% of mobile phone users by 2022, most users will still be on 3G or 4G.  Is SA reaching for a bridge too far?  Your views much appreciated: email me [email protected]

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Alastair Tempest

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