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Tanzania Ecommerce And Jumia

When Jumia closed Shop in Tanzania in November 2019 multiple ecommerce platforms suddenly sprung up to replace it, from food and grocery delivery apps to ‘online malls’ that sell commercial goods, in a market still relatively new to online shopping and dining. The COVID lockdown has accelerated that process. In particular, the home delivery application, Piki Tanzania, which was still new. found itself the only established app of its kind in the country, and has become the only way restaurants could offer their home-delivery meals.

Meanwhile, the MTN Group announced the sale of its stake in Jumia, Africa’s largest ecommerce firm, on 30 Oct. MTN says it will gain a net $142.31 million dollars from the sale. This move is part of MTN’s ongoing efforts to streamline its portfolio and minimise debt by disposing of its non-core businesses.

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Alastair Tempest

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