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Using Blogs to support your ecommerce shop

Many people ask how to improve their visibility without costly advertising. One simple and very effective way is by using a blog to support your website. Blogs have many advantages – first they allow you to provide content and to tell your story. Buyers like to know more about your products, whether you have the largest to the smallest e-shop. This also includes B2B purchasers, not just B2C. Blogging allows you to keep your customers up to date – adding a new product? changing delivery company? reviews of goods; answers to FAQs on how to use the products you are selling, the times of delivery, guarantees, and so on. These are content which is key to capturing and retaining customers, and essentially for gaining trust in your e-shop (in other words growing your brand loyalty).

Second, blogs will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score because you can stress the key words in your blog describing your products. These key words will be picked up by the search engines like Google and that will improve your standing in searches, thus driving traffic to your e-shop.

Third, you can invite customers to comment on your blog (note – you are the editor and have control over what is included or not. But be sure to check your blog each day to ensure that people are not dissing you!). Customers’ comments are an extremely important part of customer service. Satisfied customers provide positive reviews; but even dissatisfaction can be channeled into positive solutions for you – for example, complaints about your delivery times may be a red flag warning you of problems with your delivery company.

Finally, blogs do not need to cost you anything but your time and dedication. Or if your e-shop is a success, you can engage a small agency to ensure that the content is updated regularly, customs’ comments answered and that key words improve your SEO.

Meanwhile, Octane AI has developed “shoppable quizzes,” which provides a chatbot feature on websites or blogs that answers questions and assists consumers identify what products they are looking for. The startup has just raised $4.25 million to help build its presence in the growing world of ecommerce.

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