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Looking up at Space

Developing countries are experiencing a growing number of maiden satellite launches and inaugural space initiatives. An example of a regional initiative is the Africa Regional Data Cube, which aims to bring open-data cubes to Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Tanzania through partnerships with Earth observation organizations and capacity building within countriesTo avoid a leap into the dark and to reap long-term benefits from emerging space programmes, developing countries are looking at specific uses of space, including weather satellites and expanding internet access by connecting the unconnected, which is a critical precondition for paving the way for a digital future. Satellite technologies are well-placed for the delivery of broadband services either alone or in combination with other technologies including to rural areas where populations are less dense, further from main networks, and have lower purchasing power. A new set of network technologies can reduce infrastructure requirements and offer more cost-effective service delivery options.

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Alastair Tempest

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