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Nigeria’s Uber for Trucks

Transporting goods quickly and cheaply is vital for trade, but it’s a struggle in many African nations. Now a startup is hoping to change that in Nigeria. The digital platform Kobo360 was launched in 2017. Calling itself the  “UBER for trucks,” it connects truck owners and drivers with cargo companies, aiming to make supply chains more efficient, affordable and transparent. As measures to control the spread of the coronavirus are rolled out across Africa, restrictions on movement are having an impact on a supply chain that was already struggling. Kobo360 helps ease those delays, provides advice on the best and safest roads and ensures that drivers are paid. Kobo360 has worked with around 50,000 truck drivers in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda to help them transport over 760 million kilos of goods, worth an estimated $200 billion. The company will be expanding into Egypt, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and the Middle East and aims to get 1.2 million truck drivers using the platform within 3 years.

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Alastair Tempest

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