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Advice from one of the Great Copywriters

I have known Andy Owen for many years and always appreciated his advice. This is his take on copywriting for websites “I read a top industry report last week, highlighting the fact that

most websites these days, are significantly under-performing. They are simply not delivering the results they should. I could have saved them the time and money.  We’ve known for

many years, that websites are nowhere near as effective as they should be. Companies spend fortunes on promotional campaigns – in a wide variety of media – driving people to their websites. But, when the visitors arrive and start to have a look around, they are not engaged, get bored and leave very quickly.The reason is quite simple.  Copy.  Poor, pedestrian, wooden copy.  Long, rambling, boring paragraphs, with little or no punctuation – and often containing embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. Copy that fails to engage or sell – written by people who clearly don’t understand the power of words – and don’t appear to care, either. And, of course, there’s a double-whammy here, as this type of copy not only fails to sell – it also damages the brand”. © Andy Owen

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