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What is worth watching in 2020

According to Irish Tech News here are 5 major technologies that will impact digital marketing in 2020.

  1. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are excellent voice assistants. Today, most individuals who have these devices use them for their news functions and basic voice-managed music utilities. Gradually, as more people become aware of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the technologies will expand their everyday applications. Today, SEO specialists should keep a vigilant eye on the “voice user interface.” It is going to change the way people do online searches. Also, it is useful to be aware of the way Google makes use of the rich snippets to answer the common queries.
  2. Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens: Marketers are starting to use HoloLens to enable consumers to select the products they want using an app. Adweek suggests that HoloLens has not yet been used to its full potential. Oculus Rift, a virtual reality brand that Facebook bought, keeps reducing its price. FB is aware that these technologies will attract advertisers as the user base increases.
  3. Alphabet’s Waymo: Self-driving cars will lead to an immense cultural shift. For online marketers, drivers will be observing a device as they are driven to their destination: this offers new opportunities. Like augmented and virtual reality, lead-time is likely to be slow.
  4. Facebook messengers and the new age chatbots: Sectors such as finance are keen to use robotic help for ads. The scope is targeting the mainstream in a familiar app form, i.e. chatbots and FB’s Messenger. Today, the bots that respond through Messenger are fast becoming advanced technologies because they can manage complicated scenarios. Brands that invest in chatbots may have an advantage in the challenging online domain. We will be looking more at Chatbots later in this edition of the Newsletter.
  5. IBM’s Watson is a leading-edge platform for cognitive thinking. It is utilized to assist in processing big data. Watson can provide perspectives and locate answers in the data and can reason like humans. It can interpret, observe, decide and evaluate the best solutions available at tremendous speed and scale. The attraction for marketers is that Watson helps to discover new trends in unstructured data sets which are the elusive secret to using big data (eg loyalty card data, store visits, customer relations, etc) to optimize marketing.
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