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The Primary Platform for all Car Transactions in the African Used Car Market

Founded by Etop Ikpe, previously of Konga and DealDey, the Nigerian Cars45 is trying to formalise the used automobile sector by providing an end-to-end digitised customer journey for buying, selling and swapping cars in Africa. The startup has built a technology-enabled platform that makes it easier to trade cars in Africa, and has expanded to provide access to finance, insurance and other value-added services after raising US$5 million in funding from the Berlin-based Frontier Car Group (FCG) in 2017. Cars45 is now expanding geographically to ensure a larger slice of a market where 9 million used cars are traded annually. Its launch in Ghana and Kenya means consumers in those 2 countries are now able to sell their cars directly through Cars45 and get paid in 45 minutes.

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Alastair Tempest

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