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Social Media Landscape Briefings 2019 (Bryanston Country Club, 16 Oct & SSISA, Newlands, Cpt 18 Oct)

* Big 6 platforms; latest stats, trends and Arthur Goldstuck’s insights
* Big 6 hot issues; two panels, latest issues shortlisted by 1,000’s of followers
* Social media guidelines for brands; IAB & ASA initiative; enforceable
* SA Brand Index, top performing social brands and why
* Messaging; big 7 platforms, pros and cons
* Bloggers; who really influences whom
* Influencers; celebrity and micro; how to select and to track

Announcing 2019 Social Media Landscape research results & Arthur Goldstuck’s insights
* Facebook; You Tube; Instagram; Twitter; LinkedIn; Snap Chat
* State of the art stats, trends and insights
* Your questions – authoritative guidance
Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – Panel – hot now now issues
* Arising from the research study and from 1,000’s of followers
Marius Greeff, MD, Turn Left Media, Jhb & Cpt
Crayg Hitzeroth, MD, Ad Dynamo, Jhb & Cpt
MJ Khan, Group Online Media Manager, Sasol, Jhb
Mike Wronski, Director, Digital Flow, Cpt
Panel leaders; (Jhb) Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix & (Cpt) Sarah Utermark, Country Director, MMA

Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat – Panel – hot now now issues
* Hot issues from the research and from 1,000’s of followers
Richard Haubrich, CEO, Hyco Technologies (Pty) Ltd, Jhb & Cpt
Crayg Hitzeroth, MD, Ad Dynamo, Jhb & Cpt
Gail Odgers, Marketing & Advertising Manager, SportsPesa (invited Cpt)
Panel leaders; (Jhb) Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix & (Cpt) Sarah Utermark, Country Director, MMA

IAB and ASA define enforceable guidelines for paid social media communications – Gail Schimmel, CEO, ASA, Jhb & Cpt and Brad Page, Agency Council Chair, IAB
* Much more clarity about what is permissible and what is not acceptable
* A strategic initiative to protect the consumer

SA Brand Index announces SA’s top performing social brands as well as for 4 Sub-Sahara hot markets; and most interestingly an analysis of leading campaigns
Mongezi Mtati, Marketing Manager, Ornico, Jhb & Cpt

Why messaging is the new medium – driven by personalised marketing – pros and cons of the primary messaging platforms
* Twitter; WhatsApp, Periscope; WeChat; Snapchat; BBM; FaceBook Messenger
Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire, Jhb & Cpt

Influential bloggers; who are they and how should brands influence them
Gopolang Themba, Associate, BE SALT, Jhb & Cpt

Selecting the right influencers; tracking influencer campaigns and the analytics that matter
Arye Kellman, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, TILT, Jhb & Cpt

Conference closes 15h45

AND thousands of tweets – speakers respond


Register: Johannesburg, Cape Town 

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Shahrain Coovadia

Shahrain Coovadia is a Cyber Security Consultant at Deloitte, South Africa. Prior to joining Deloitte she started a web-design studio, and worked at the University of Cape Town as a teaching facilitator. Shahrain graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours specialising in Information Systems. She currently facilitates web & database management for Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA).

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