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Unfair Foreign Competition Threatens Your Ecommerce Business!

Together, we can fight back. The Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA) is mobilizing the South African ecommerce sector to challenge harmful and unfair business practices. Join us in building a level playing field!

How They Undermine You:

Tax Avoidance: Small-parcel imports dodge duties and VAT, making honest pricing impossible.
Safety Risks: Potentially dangerous products endanger consumers and damage your reputation by association.
Data Misuse: Excessive data collection creates an unfair advantage and potentially violates consumer privacy rights.
Dominating Ad Space: Aggressive tactics make it increasingly difficult and expensive for your products to be discovered.

The Consequences:

Shrinking Sales: Your bottom line suffers as you struggle to compete with predatory pricing.
Job Losses: Businesses may be forced to downsize, impacting livelihoods across the ecommerce sector.
A Weakened Industry: The long-term viability of South African ecommerce is at risk.

Take Back Control with EFSA

EFSA is your partner in this fight. We provide the platform, resources, and collective strength to:

Gather Evidence: Share data on lost sales, job losses, and unfair practices. Your voice matters.
Demand Change: Lobby for policy changes that create a level playing field for all ecommerce businesses.
Expose the Truth: We'll work together to scrutinize the policies of companies exploiting loopholes.
Funding This Fight: Your contributions will help fund legal action, advocacy campaigns, and gathering evidence.

Volunteer Your Expertise

We need dedicated volunteers to help with:

Evidence Gathering: Document sales losses, unfair practices, and product testing.
Legal Support: Assist with research and prepare for potential litigation.
Advocacy: Participate in strategic meetings with regulators and lawmakers

Join the Campaign

Your voice matters. Sign on to demonstrate your support for taking action against unfair ecommerce practices.