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Ecommerce Africa Safe.Shop Trustmark

One of our aims at the Ecommerce Forum of Africa is to help increase shoppers’ trust in ecommerce.

We looked at a number of solutions, and identified the best – Safe.Shops - which will be branded Ecommerce Africa Safe.Shop.

Why a Trustmark?

Trustmarks have an excellent record of encouraging greater trust in ecommerce wherever they are set up. In the Effective Measure Ecommerce research study for SA of 2016, the question was asked, would you buy more if there was a Trustmark system?

Despite the absence of any Trustmark in SA, 18% of respondents to the survey said that they would have greater trust in ecommerce with a Trustmark and would buy more online.

What does a Trustmark require?

There is an annual verification system which asks the e-shop to confirm that it is in line with the Code and with relevant laws (CPA, ECTA, POPI), that it has a system for return of goods (if relevant) and that its data is secure. If all is in order, the e-shop pays a fee depending on the level of the Trustmark it wants and the size of the e-shop (the annual fee starts at about R2,500 a year), and commits to an alternative dispute system in the case of an unresolved complaint. It’s important to stress that the best solution to any complaint, of course, is between the seller and buyer. The Trustmark is not intended to substitute for buyer/seller complaint resolution.

Why Safe.Shops?

The trustmark was originally set up by the Ecommerce Foundation in Amsterdam to encourage greater trust in cross-border ecommerce in Europe. National trustmarks exist in nearly all European countries (in some countries, like Germany, there are multiple trustmarks), but there was no cross border trustmark. The system was designed to be easy to operate, not complex, and modestly priced. It soon attracted interest from outside Europe and is in operation, or in preparation in a number of non-European countries, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil and Malayasia. EFA is affiliated to the Ecommerce Foundation.

How it works

There will be three levels to our trustmark. The first (Three Star) ensures that the e-shop applies a general code of practice , which is verified by Safe.Shops. The Four Star trustmark requires that a law firm verifies that the e-shop applies the SA ecommerce related laws (Consumer Protection, Electronic Transactions, Protection of Personal Information Acts). Finally, the Five Star requires that in addition to the legal verification, there is a check on the security of the website, a basic financial check and a check on fake products.

Purchase the Trustmark below


The Ecommerce Africa Safe.Shop

Awarded by EFA to e-shops which ensures that the website is in line with the South African laws and regulations relevant to online shopping (Consumer Protection, POPI, ECT Acts).

R4,625.00 (p/a)


The global Safe.Shop Trustmark 

Awarded by Safe.Shop to e-shops for cross-border selling. Recognised in Europe. This trustmark does not guarantee conformity with all relevant SA regulations.

R2,000.00 (p/a)

This includes:

  • Show Safe.Shop trust mark on your Webshop
  • Free Ecommerce Reports From Safe.Shop
  • Free Ecommerce Forum Africa Monthly Newsletter
  • Consumer Dispute Resolution
  • Free Quarterly Cross Border Magazine
  • Free Cross Border Advice
  • Certification according to National Law by EFA’s legal advisors, Legalese
  • Online security Test
  • Financial Stability Check

Please Note: These prices are valid until 31 December 2018. EFA is not VAT registered yet, and therefore the price does not include VAT. If you require a VAT invoice please let us know.


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