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courieritCourierit operates in the transport sector in both domestic and International Deliveries.

Courierit is a South African courier company operating in both the Domestic and International markets and provides the following services; Overnight Express, Same day Express, Non Express, Economy, Specialized Services, International Courier, Courier Import / Exports and Airfreight.

Courierit is part of the RTT group and therefore forms part of the group’s extensive South African and African networks which allows us to be a lot more flexible and accommodating thus enables us to become an extension to our customers business and a valued business partner.

Courierit’s understands and appreciates that customer excellence is part of your total brand experience. It inspires loyalty - and, thus, on-going sales and greater growth. Courierit provides specialized expertise tailored to our client’s needs and our experienced national team is available to help, analyze and evaluate your needs. After implementation, they manage the process on a daily basis, always in the spirit of the full customer experience. Courierit is committed to the importance of reinvention and intrinsically understand that the ability to change is one of the biggest indicators for Courierit’s success.

Courierit are a complete service and systems integration, the unique differentiator in our Intelligent Logistics portfolio including but not limited to distribution to all local, main and outlying customers; cross-border deliveries in neighboring countries and international courier and airfreight services and returns logistics solutions. Courierit specialized daily operations caters for multiple solutions geared towards specific delivery types as well as accommodating current structures to deliver a best-in-customer experience.


Contact Person: Amber van der Walt – Sales Executive
Telephone: +27 (0) 21 555 6777
Email: [email protected]


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