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Timbaktuu Group is an African eCommerce enabler providing a merchant store partner network of carrier and retailer-agnostic pick-up and drop-off points and assisted eCommerce counters in informal markets. We are focused on unserved and underserved communities, by assisting and enabling eCommerce merchants and carriers to access and service informal markets.

Service Offering

  • Tuu Post – access our ‘assisted eCommerce’ service to enable your customers in unserved and underserved communities to walk into one of our partner network merchant stores, select a particular product, and place the order online with the assistance of the shopkeeper. 

  • Merrigo – improved online shopping experiences in unserved and underserved communities through our carrier and retailer-agnostic pick-up, drop-off, and return points network.

Contact Details

Contact: Vuyo Tofile


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