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As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution where joblessness due to automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and Blockchain technology becomes a reality, how do we lead people into these imminent changes? Leaderless aims to help an entire country pivot and shift into the digital age and clean up the mess we’ve made in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.

Our long term plans are to build Decentralised Innovation Villages for Social Entrepreneurs along the Long Ride To Freedom where they will become as self sustaining as possible. Their goals will be to create more leaders and replicate what we have done at the previous Innovation Villages.

Service Offering

  • Social Entrepreneurship – to do business with purpose.

  • Internet Of Things – How to create digital products in the 4iR.

  • Blockchain/Crypto Currencies – How to connect IoT devices to the Blockchain.

  • Ecommerce – How to set up an ecommerce business.

  • Flow – How to disconnect from digital and reconnect with spiritual and emotional to reach our highest potential.

Contact Details

Contact: James van der Hoven


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