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Lantador B2B Marketplace

Lantador B2B Marketplace

Lantador B2B Marketplace is envisaged as a comprehensive platform specializing in facilitating seamless business-to-business interactions. It provides an inclusive environment, welcoming a spectrum of businesses from nascent local startups to well-established global entities, with an overarching goal of fostering business growth and development.

Service Offering

  • Vendor Listings:

    Lantador enables vendors to prominently list their products and services, creating a robust network where businesses can connect, explore offerings, and execute bulk purchases or reselling endeavors.

  • About2Pay – A Unique Payment Gateway:

    To ensure seamless and secure transactions, Lantador incorporates a distinctive payment gateway, About2Pay, allowing real-time payment processes and enhancing overall user convenience within the marketplace.

  • Smart Logistics:

    Acknowledging the pivotal role of last-mile delivery, Lantador accentuates the importance of an impeccable delivery process, promising seamless and timely deliveries to augment the online shopping experience for every customer.

Contact Details

Contact: Byron Moorgas


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