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Inspired Marketing

Inspired Marketing

Inspired Marketing is a supplier and manager of marketing communications technologies. The agency specialises in automating marketing workflow processes, helping to attract and drive customers through the sales funnel.

We work with clients to improve their sales performance by identifying and targeting specific market segments, and nurturing leads throughout the sales cycle until they are ready to convert to customers.

Using powerful sales CRM and marketing automation software, marketers are able to identify customer preferences, enabling the delivery of specific marketing communications to specific people when it matters most.

Ecommerce websites can use the software to track their online shoppers and the pages and media they visit. The software tracks shopping cart activity and abandoned cart behaviour providing the opportunity to re-engage customers according to their interests and needs.

Service Offering

  • Marketing Automation software: Suppliers of a full-featured Marketing Automation platform including training, platform management and support services.

  • Sales CRM Software: Powerful Sales CRM software, built for sales teams – includes account management, pipeline sales management and sales opportunity management.

  • Lead Generation Services: We research and connect with target markets, helping clients reach specific audiences and generate new qualified leads.

  • Publishing Software: Suppliers of online multimedia publishing software: includes creation and management of e-commerce publications.

Contact Details

Contact: Deon van Rensburg


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