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The “New Normal” – Working from Home

A new wave of disruption more forceful and more pervasive than what we have seen previously is likely to unfold in the next decade. While the roots of this disruption—technological, economic, geopolitical, demographic or environmental—may remain the same, the unique convergence of these factors should unleash unprecedented change in the broader society and economy. Foremost among the drivers of…

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The Economy Post-COVID-19 Era

The volume of world merchandise trade may fall drastically in the first half of 2020 as the pandemic disrupts the global economy, according to the WTO Goods Trade Barometer released on 20 May. The index currently stands at 87.6, far below the baseline value of 100, suggesting a sharp contraction in world trade extending into the 2nd quarter. The Barometer…

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Facebook’s New Ecommerce Initiative

Facebook Shops has been launched in the USA as a way for businesses to list their products on Facebook and Instagram. FB points out that since the COVID-19 pandemic started there has been a surge in e-commerce. Facebook Shop is free and makes it simple to set up a single online store for customers to…

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South Africa Opens Lockdown for Ecommerce

The EFSA has engaged government since the start of the lockdown and had produced a number of letters and papers for government pointing out the public health benefits of home delivery and concerns that SA ecommerce was being left behind by the strict rules on ecommerce. This lead to Minister for Trade Patel issuing directions…

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