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THE BIG NEWS!! The EFA Trustmark in trial at Edcon websites

Trustmarks have been proven highly successful to encourage greater consumer trust. We are delighted to announce that the Safe.Shop South Africa trustmark is being trialed by 3 of Edcon’s websites. At present we are still working on the landing page but the system is up and running based on the Amsterdam-based Safe.Shop trustmark.

The trustmark will be available for any e-shop of any size in SA. First step, the website must be verified against the relevant SA laws (CPA, POPIA, ECTA) and our code of practice by our lawyers, Legalese. There is a charge which covers our lawyers’ fees. Once that process is completed and any amendments done on the web-site, the e-shop can carry the trustmark logo for a year. Renewable annually thereafter. Since these rules are what the law requires the process greatly assists the seller ensure that they are compliant with the existing regulations.

Consumers clicking on the trustmark will see the code with the rules which the e-shop adheres to. They can rate the company or make a complaint. Presently those complaints come to us via Amsterdam, but in future we have plans to make this system much more robust. The e-shop can also ask Safe.Shop to certify that it is not selling counterfeit goods (very important if selling into the USA or Europe – see below the news of a new Amazon product designed to prevent counterfeit products) and assist with spamming or scamming protection. These add-ons are available from the Safe.Shop HQ in The Netherlands.

Safe.Shop was originally set up to help cross-border online trade in Europe, where there are national trustmarks in nearly every country, but no EU-wide trustmark had existed. Safe.Shop is therefore recognised in Europe which will help SA e-shops selling into Europe to be recognised as trustworthy. A few years ago a number of non-European countries approached Safe.Shop to ask if they could adapt the system to their national markets – so far Hong Kong, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya are either using or negotiating use of the Safe.Shop system.

We welcome any enquiries (email me, alastair@ecomafrica.org).


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