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Reducing the Online sale of Counterfeited Products

Amazon has launched a new programme, Project Zero, that enables brands to contribute to the elimination of counterfeits in Amazon’s stores.

Project Zero is based on three tools: –  (i) automated protection technology which allows Amazon to scan more than 5 billion product listing updates a day to detect potential counterfeits based on brand logos, trademarks and other key data. (ii) the self-service counterfeit removing tool allowing brands to remove counterfeit listings directly themselves, and (iii) the product serialisation service which scans and confirms the authenticity of every brand product purchased in Amazon’s stores individually.

Currently Project Zero is an invite-only experience, but Amazon is working on extending it. EFA is discussing with the Consumer Good Council (CGCSA) how to introduce bar and QR codes to producers who do not have these at present and who sell on line, which will also reduce counterfeiting.


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