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New Technology Development Centre for Kenya

The UNECA has recently pointed out that countries in the East African Community are growing at almost double the rate of those in the rest of the Continent (6.2% compared to 3.2%) as a result of their investment in technology, infrastructure and better fiscal policies that help startups to flourish. These policies have seen Nairobi’s tech hub grow into a $1bn “Silicon Savannah” that is home to 200 startups as well as giants Microsoft and Intel.

Microsoft Corp has unveiled plans to set up an African technology development centre in Kenya. The technology centre will be Microsoft’s 7th globally and will be its gateway to Africa. In the joint announcement earlier this month Microsoft and the Kenyan government welcomed the move, saying that the centre will provide potential for jobs and business opportunities for tech-savvy Kenyan youth in the various ICT specializations and technology transfer. According to Microsoft, the Africa Development Centre will be a premier hub of engineering for the company and its affiliates. The centre will leverage the diversity of the regional landscape to build world-class talent capable of creating innovative solutions for global impact. Further, the centre is expected to establish a collaborative engineering springboard for new technology investments in Kenya


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