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EFA meets the World Bank

We met with the World Bank (WB) on 27 Feb. The WB is looking at the digital economy: its ambition is to ensure that every person is digitally enabled by 2030 around the world by providing funding and advice to countries and organisations. The WB’s programme is based on 5 action points: – telecom/internet access; public and private platforms; developing relevant skills; encouraging digitally enabled financial services, and building entrepreneurship. One aspect of the WB’s work will be to create a knowledge bank, which will look at inter aliaboth the technical and advisory infrastructure in order to structure loans. Obviously WB’s work concentrates on interaction with national governments.

It is worth noting, as ITWeb reported out recently, that according to the Dell Digital Transformation Index,  South Africa has been ranked among the top 10 countries leading the digital transformation change.The research surveyed 4 600 business leaders across 42 countries and sub-regions, to gauge their organisations’ digital transformation journey by examining their IT strategy and workforce transformation initiatives. The index found that when ranked by their digital maturity, firms from developing markets were leading the pack, while some developed markets are lagging behind.


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