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Data Flows, the EU and other countries

ITWeb carried an article the other day that claimed that once (if) the UK leaves the EU (“Brexit”) the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will no longer apply, making it complicated for other non-EU countries to deal with data flows which may go through the UK to elsewhere in Europe. However, I understand that the UK has committed under the (few) agreements that have been reached with the EU not to scrap the GDPR, which would mean that data flows between the UK and EU will not be interrupted. Media Marketing Mix is holding a conference on data privacy, POPIA and the EU’s GDPR on 28 June – I am speaking so it must be good! See the programme here: https://comms1.everlytic.net/public/landing-pages/DigitalInLawLP-M3dVTmpCd28HYJpY


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