eCommerce awareness, confidence and capability in Africa
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We have reported frequently on the dangers of cybercrime and need for more consumer education. The government’s Cybersecurity Hub ( together with GCIS plans a public awareness programme using community radio, social media and print.

The banks’ SABRIC, is also working on a public awareness programme with the National Consumer Commission. EFA has offered its help on the basis that cybercrime erodes consumer trust. As an example, recently Superbalist  alerted its customers that a new phishing scam is doing the rounds via SMS and email. Superbalist has claimed that only a few of its customers have been targeted by the scam.

ITWeb carried a story recently which  gave an idea of the economics of the spammer. According to research by the digital security company Dark Shadows, cyber criminals are willing to pay more than a million dollars a year to skilled information security professionals who are willing to go to the dark side. Skills including network management, penetration testing and programming skills are particularly in demand.


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